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Are you dealing with a plumbing emergency like a water heater that has started leaking, a sewer that has started backing up, burst pipes, blocked drains, an overflowing toilet, etc.

Whatever plumbing emergency is occurring in your home our Long Island based emergency plumbers offer a wide range of services and are on call 24 hours a day seven days a week, even on holidays. No matter when you need us, we are there to provide you with the best service as quickly as possible to prevent any type of plumbing problem from becoming worse.

When you give us a call we will be able to assess your current plumbing situation, and determine how urgently the problem needs to be seen to. Some plumbing mishaps may not require an emergency call out and we will endeavor to see to these needs as soon as possible.

Below Are Some Common Emergency Plumbing Situations That Need Immediate Attention

1) Burst Pipes

You will know you have a burst pipe if you notice copious amounts of water leaking in or around the home. Before you even call us for assistance, it is important to stop the flow of water immediately by turning off your main water shut off valve.

Once one of our plumbers are on the way you may also want to turn all the cold water taps on in the home. This will drain water that is already in the pipe system and will allow our emergency plumber to get to the root of the problem much faster.

2) Blocked Drains

If you notice that water in a sink, bathtub, shower or toilet fails to drain away immediately, you probably have a blocked or stopped-up drain. You can try and remove the blockage by using a plunger or other household chemicals to dislodge or dissolve the blockage. However, this will not work with more severe blockages.

Our emergency plumbers will use the most advanced plumbing equipment to help locate and remove the blockage. This includes the use of a plumbing camera to identify the problem and ensure that the blockage is removed as quickly as possible.

3) Toilet Over Flow

This happens when water from the tank, not the bowel, of the toilet continues to flow causing the cistern to overflow. You don’t need to turn off the main water supply for this kind of plumbing problem. Behind the toilet, you will find a shut off valve, Simply turn the valve until the flow of water is totally halted.

This is probably indicative of a component of the flushing mechanism in the water tank having failed. Your emergency plumber will bring parts with them to repair the problem. However, different makes and models of flushing mechanisms require different types of parts. It may be necessary for the plumber to source these parts before a repair can be made or to replace the entire mechanism.

Our emergency plumbers will however not just leave you in the lurch while they find the necessary parts. Temporary measures can be taken to ensure that you will be able to use the toilet until a permanent repair can be made.

Remember that prevention is better than cure and most emergency plumbing problems stem from preexisting leaks or other conditions. Make sure that your plumbing is inspected regularly so that you can nip emergency plumbing problems in the bud.

Service Areas

Our emergency plumbers service the following areas:

Nassau County
Suffolk County
Queens County
Kings County (Brooklyn)